Marketing Specialist

Agency Experience Marketing Specialist

Many small business struggle to drive traffic into their store locations or websites. Gaining few cliental through word of mouth, foot traffic, or small business cards. Sadly, these business are not maximizing their potential profits. Missing out on valuable resources that will determine whether their business will survive. Resources such as Google & Facebook Ads, Social Media Content Marketing, & Website development. Let’s break these up and go more into details with them !


Google & Facebook Ads

Google & Facebook are two tech giants who have million, maybe even billions of daily active users. Their business model is easy, advertiser give them money in exchange for an opportunity to run ads on their platform. Good news is that anyone can use their platform freely to market anything. Downside is that without extensive knowledge of how their marketing tool operates. Then there is a very high likely chance you will lose way more money then you bargained for. Leaving you helpless and finding other forms to generate more revenue. Lucky I’m trained in both and actually used google ads to advertise my successful photography business. I started with no cliental and a bit of extra cash laying around. Soon After I started running my ads with the knowledge I obtained, I started receiving messages from cliental who needed photoshoots ! Showing me that their is an opportunity to help small business leverage these resources in order to promote success.