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Great Photographer Instincts

Photography has been a longtime passion of mine & allowed me to create endless beautiful art pieces. I’ve tried various photography styles but I enjoyed landscape Photography & Nature Photography the most!  I’m grateful I have a passion that excites me to create new material & leaving clients happy with my artwork.


  • "Apollo did an amazing job with our maternity pictures! He captured the joy and love in which we await our little one. So grateful to have these pictures to look back at and cherish this sweet moment."
  • "The vibe was definitely amazing to be, makes you feel like a natural. Can capture details the normal human eye couldn’t see. I highly recommend Apollo if you want amazing work in return!"
  • "I’m always so excited to work with Apolinar! He has the touch of an artist and it’s evident in every picture he takes. He makes me feel so comfortable while shooting and I’m never disappointed in anything. Overall a truly talented artist."-
  • "Apollo is a great photographer. I was able to relax rather than be nervous and the photos reflect it!"
    Jon Ross
  • Absolutely amazing. I was astonished beyond belief at his professionalism and well-mannered behaviors before, during and after. He let me take my time and made sure that , not only that i was comfortable and having fun, but that the photos were also fantastic and beautiful. I adored it.
Austin Photographer